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Children Ballet Dancing - Newtownabbey, Belfast - Gillian Jones Dance & Stage Academy - Royal Academic of Dance - Registered teacher

Youth Dance Classes throughout the greater Belfast area

"To dance is to give oneself up to the rhythms of all life"

-Dr Maya Patel

There are few more important aspects of your child’s personality than the development of their self, encompassing as it does; self- awareness, self – expression, self- esteem and self –discipline and there are few better conduits for this development than through the medium of dance.

At the Gillian Jones Dance and Stage Academy, children from as young as three years, have the opportunity to develop these important aspects of their personality within the dance class environment, and to carry these traits into their everyday lives. By encouraging your child to attend classes from an early age, you will experience the joy of seeing your tiny tot blossom into a young adult through the medium of dance tuition and performance.

Of course, not all students will have the opportunity to participate in dance classes from infancy, many are drawn to dance at a later stage in their childhood or adolescence, sometimes encouraged by friends or other role models. For these students, dance classes can provide a wonderful opportunity to meet new friends and have new experiences perhaps whilst helping them to boost their confidence which can prove an issue for some children in the transition between childhood and adolescence. For others, dance classes may simply form part of a performing arts course which they may be pursuing at school or for and award scheme.

Students progress through a variety of dance styles, the youngest starting with baby-ballet and tap and older students moving through the current trends of Modern, as well as the Musical Theatre repertoire, they may discover their particular favourite or alternatively may excel at a number of different dance styles.

For many students and parents, evaluation of progress and achievement of goals is important, so, if desired, your child can compete for a wide range of awards offered by the various tuition bodies to which the Academy subscribes. Dance Exam award at any level can prove a valuable incentive and encouragement to a student’s continued involvement in classes. All the students’ are given the opportunity to audition for BBC television, Talent Programmes and Christmas Pantomimes. Also for the older Students; guidance, should they be thinking of pursuing a career in the Performing Arts full-time.

Last but not least, performance is an essential aspect of Dance Tuition and at the end of every school year in June, your child will be encouraged to participate in ‘DANCE EXTRAVAGANZA’ a specially choreographed and costumed performance in a professional theatre setting. For students this can be a challenging yet magical experience, performing under lights on a big stage in front of their friends and family, a perfect highlight on which to end
the school year.


To register your child for dance classes in the greater Belfast area, please call us now on 02891 853 524

Children Ballet Dancing - Newtownabbey, Belfast - Gillian Jones Dance & Stage Academy - Dancer possing

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